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Teaching Japanese using video material(ひろがるを授業で使ってみよう!) - Workshop for Japanese Language Teachers

This was the 6th workshop conducted by JALSTA (Japanese Language School Teacher’s Association) in collaboration with Japan foundation New Delhi on the virtual platform zoom and was attended by the Japanese language teachers from all over India. The resource person was Ms. Mami Imoto, The language advisor of Japan foundation. The focus of this workshop was “How to use videos as an effective teaching aid?”

Videos are the best way to explain any concept to students and if used in a proper systematic manner it can save a lot of energy and time of a teacher. This was effectively discussed and explained by Ms. Mami Imoto with the help of a Padlet Wall. The use of Padlet wall was also explained systematically . Teachers shared various video links which they are currently using in their classes. An alluring Padlet wall was created by the contribution of all the participating teachers .

In continuation , teachers were also given hands-on practice to use “HIROGARO” as one of the tools that can be used to introduce various topics, to enhance Japanese listening while giving glances of Japanese culture .

The workshop ended with an effective learning plan and the generation of new and creative ideas from the teachers . These kinds of workshops are always a wonderful learning platform for the Japanese teaching faculty. On behalf of all the teachers, I would like to convey a sincere thanks to Japan Foundation and JALSTA for giving all of us an opportunity to enhance our knowledge and a platform to share our thoughts. We'll be looking forward to, many more workshops in the future.

Report by: Ms. Bhavya Jain

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