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Online Student Exchange between JALSTA Schools, AICJ School of Hiroshima and Sabaragamu - Sri Lanka

Date: 15 March 2021

7 JALSTA MEMBER SCHOOLS - AMITY INTERNATIONAL VASUNDHARA, BLUEBELLS SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL, DPS DWARKA, DPS G, DPS VASUNDHARA G, DPS GBN, DPS MATHURA ROAD, participated with 31 students and 8 teachers in an online exchange with the AICJ School Hiroshima and Sabaragamu school from Srilanka, with the support of WTOC. . The students began with greetings and self-introductions then proceeded to breakout rooms in groups where they showcased different aspects of their countries, culture, region, school, etc along with a 5-minute presentation on THE RELATIONS BETWEEN INDIA and JAPAN, SRILANKA and JAPAN. The Japanese students did an online origami session and taught the Indian and Srilankan students how to make the Crane, the Japanese symbol of peace, They also showcased the History of HIROSHIMA and its background and a little bit of its culture in their presentations. The Q and A session at the end gave the students a chance to explore and learn about each other and satiate their curiosity. It was tremendous learning for the Indian students as they gave all their presentations in Japanese and made their teachers proud. . The event was covered by the YOMIURI newspaper, Hiroshima.

Thank you!

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Apr 19, 2021

Thank you Jaspreet Sensei for initiating such a wonderful program.

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