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Check our past activities here Year wise

The Japan Olympiad 2023

JALSTA (Japanese Language School Teachers' Association) is proud and happy to have successfully conducted the 2nd Online JAPAN OLYMPIAD on 31st Jan. 2023 with the support of Japan Foundation, Japan Airlines and Experience Japan.

Online Workshop for Japanese Language Teachers

JALSTA (Japanese Language School Teachers Association) organized an online workshop with the support of Japan Foundation on 14th January 2023 for its teachers to recharge, refresh and renew the Japanese language teaching, learning methodologies, and classroom techniques.

Japanese Language Mini Camp 2022

JALSTA organized a day long Japanese Language Mini Camp which was Bluebells School International - New Delhi on November 11 2022.

Students Exchange Program - JALSTA and Hiranuma High School

JALSTA is proud and happy to announce its successful online exchange between Hiranuma High School in Japan and 8 JALSTA Member schools from Delhi and NCR on 13 Oct and 20 Oct 2022.

Hiragana and Cultural Workshop by Ms. Mami Imoto & Yuki Hamochi

As a part of a JALSTA initiative , Ms Mami Imoto , previous language advisor JFND New Delhi , and Ms Hamochi , previous JOCV at Bluebells School Interntional, very kindly agreed to collaborate with JALSTA and conduct workshops for the JALSTA member school students learning Japanese language to give them a real time feel of a practical workshop and session after the online gap of 2 years .

Workshop for Japanese Language Teachers

JALSTA returns with the 1st offline workshop for its member teachers to renew and refresh , Japanese Language teaching, learning methodologies and classroom techniques and motivate the students in the Realtime classrooms .

Online Japanese Olympiad 2022 - Prize Giving Ceremony

JALSTA has organized an Prize Giving Ceremony on 23 March 2022 at Japan Foundation New Delhi, to give away the awards to the winners of Online Japanese Olympiad organized by JALSTA with the support of 'Experience Japan', 'Japan Foundation' and 'Japan Airlines'.

Exchange Program with Kamakura High School Japan

On 22nd September 2021-22 JALSTA had a successful online exchange with 9 JALSTA member schools and the Kamakura high school Japan.

Online Student Exchange between JALSTA Schools, AICJ School of Hiroshima and Sabaragamu - Sri Lanka

7 JALSTA MEMBER SCHOOLS - AMITY INTERNATIONAL VASUNDHARA, BLUEBELLS SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL, DPS DWARKA, DPS G, DPS VASUNDHARA G, DPS GBN, DPS MATHURA ROAD, participated with 31 students and 8 teachers in an online exchange with the AICJ School Hiroshima and Sabaragamu school from Srilanka, with the support of WTOC.

Online Workshop on "Using Online Tools to make teaching more interesting - Word Wall, Edu Puzzle"

In continuation with the series of JALSTA workshop, this workshop being conducted in the association with Japan Foundation, with the objective to introduce online teaching tools to make teaching more effective.

Teaching Japanese by Using Video Material (ひろがるを授業で使ってみよう!) - Workshop for Japanese Language Teachers

Videos are the best way to explain any concept to students and if used in a proper systematic manner it can save a lot of energy and time of a teacher. This was effectively discussed and explained by Ms. Mami Imoto with the help of a Padlet Wall.

Workshop for Japanese Language Teachers

The workshop was a follow up to the workshop conducted by Ms Imoto on 25th July 2020. The teachers teaching Japanese language were excited to participate in this session to continue working on the new topic introduced by CBSE in the writing section for class 10 , Instagram Chat/Post .

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