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Award Ceremony - The Japan Olympiad 2023

After the stupendous success of the Olympiad in 2022, JALSTA, with the support of the Japan Foundation, Japan Airlines, and Experience Japan conducted the 2023 edition of The Olympiad on Japan for students of grades 4,5, and 6 across Schools in India.

The JALSTA OLYMPIAD on Japan celebrated Japan and challenged young students at a nationwide level in the fields of

  1. Indo Japan Relationship over the years

  2. Sports and technology

  3. Picture identification based – Famous monuments, Architecture, Old and New buildings.

  4. Anime, language, music, movies

  5. Festivals, Food

The Olympiad gave the students the opportunity to discover Japan and compete with each other, motivating them to explore the option of studying the Japanese language in higher classes.

The Prize distribution ceremony was held at the JFND Rabindranath Hall on 16th February 2023.

1. Mr. Atsushi Yokota : Vice President- Administration, India (JAL).

2. Ms.Manisha Aggarwal: GM, Administration & Accounts. (JAL)

3. Mr. S. Kamran Shah: Senior Manager- Sales & Marketing from Japan Airlines,

4. Mr. Koji Sato, Director General JFND,

5. Mr Toyomaru Director JFND ,

6. Ms Suzuki , Language advisor JFND

very kindly attended and supported the event.

The 1st 3 prize winners scored 50/50 out of 638 contestants.

2 consolation prizes and 8 commendable effort prizes were also given to motivate students to participate in future Olympiads and take up the Japanese language.

Check the Result: Click Here

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