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Japanese Language Workshop for Teachers by JALSTA - 25 July 2020

The workshop was a follow up to the worksop conducted by Ms Imoto on 25th July 2020. The teachers teaching Japanese language were excited to participate in this session to continue working on the new topic introduced by CBSE in the writing section for class 10 , Instagram Chat/Post .

Ms.Imoto started the meeting with a melodious Japanese song while everyone was waiting for the session to start. She then started with the workshop by sharing the plan for the day which included the following points:-

1. Confirmation of the day’s agenda

2. Review of the last workshop

3. Points to consider before teaching


4. Class session

5. Summary

She confirmed from the participants what they remember from the last session which they had on the same topic and also gathered their views on the teaching methodology one should follow while teaching how and what to write on Instagram. Participant teachers like Ms.Ruchi Bhalla and Ms.Jaspreet mentioned about Kudamono and Verb plain form usage in Instagram posts respectively. Using a PPT she asked the following questions to check the teachers understanding of the topic:

• What is Instagram?

• What can we upload on Instagram?

• Who can see your posts?

• What kind of sentences /language do we use on Instagram?

Participant teachers actively gave their views to which Ms Imoto also added a few more points. Participants were shown a sample of Instagram post on PPT and were asked to guess the correct order in which an Instagram post should be written. Ms Sonia gave a quick response and mentioned the three important components of writing an Instagram Post, namely

1. 導入(introduction)

2. 内容(content)

3. 気持ち (feelings)

Ms Imoto mentioned that the teacher, with the points mentioned above, should discuss about the usage of plain form and confirm the order of writing the post with the students.She also gave the following valuable suggestions to the participant teachers to make their class more interesting and smooth.

• Instagram posts shouldn’t be written like a long paragraph

• The teacher can always give a sample post to the students and ask them to write it in a proper order.

• Teacher should think about an appropriate topic before the class.

• It is better to provide students with a practice sheet for the same.

As a lot of teachers were in a dilemma regarding the syllabus reduction and plain form writing, Ms Imoto took the effort to explain all the points related to the same. She discussed the following question with the teachers for better understanding of the situation.

• How many chapters should be covered before the class conducted for Instagram post writing?

• Where can the students lack while writing the Instagram post?

The answer to these questions, after the discussion, was that the student should have basic knowledge of the Verb plain form, the viewers of the Instagram post and the correct way of writing on Instagram. The 19 chapters are enough for a student to write an instagram post by using plain form.So it was finally decided that the teacher can only teach the plain form to the students as the vocabulary, conversations and expressions of MINNA NO NIHONGO Ch-20 are not required to fulfil the task. Hearing this, the teachers were relieved .

She further went on confirming the appropriate flow of the class while teaching the topic and she asked the teachers to guess the correct order by showing them the options on PPT. She then outlined the correct order which was as follows:-

Review of Lesson 1-19

Introduction to Instagram

Plain form/style

Correct Order of writing the sentences on Instagram post.

Write an instagram post (to a friend/to an unknown person)

She then divided all the participants into groups and asked them to discuss the flow of teaching and inputs required while conducting the session on Instagram post writing. She shared a Google document with everyone where they had to make a lesson plan as to how they would teach the students in class.

Ms Imoto ended this thought provoking and insightful session by giving another thoughtful suggestion which was to use the Padlet app for writing the instagram post.

Ms Jaspreet then mentioned about the next workshop scheduled on 1st August 2020 on the topic TEACHING JAPANESE LANGUAGE USING ONLINE VIDEOS (HIROGARU).

Report by : Ms. Manishi Gupta

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