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Let's Make Quiz Online - A Workshop for Japanese Language Teachers

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

JALSTA (Japanese Language School Teachers' Association) organized a workshop for Japanese Language Teachers of India on 18th July 2020. from 2 PM to 4:30 PM with the support of Japan Foundation - New Delhi.

Objective of this workshop was to train teachers and using Online platform to evaluate students by making quizes and online games.

This Session was conducted by Ms. Yuki Hamochi (JICA Volunteer - Blue Bells International - Kailash, New Delhi). She introduced about the Quizzlet - An online platform to make quizes and games.

She also introduced that how to make flash cards and methods of using them for better teaching.

This session was attended by 28 teachers from various schools of India.

We are highly thankful to Japan Foundation for their outstanding support in the success of this workshop.

A Very special thanks to Ms. Mami Imoto (Japanese Language Advisor - Japan Foundation) for her guidance and all support.

Thank you


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