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Online Exchange - JALSTA and WTOC

After months of collaboration, WTOC and JALSTA organised an online exchange with a school in Japan with 4 JALSTA member schools On 17 Dec 2020. The students and teachers worked really hard and presented a beautiful presentation on India Delhi and Indian schools . The Teriha junior and senior high school from Fukuoka Japan presented different and intriguing aspects of Japan. Then the students had a wonderful interactive Q and A session followed by aisatsu and group photographs . There were 30 students in all from Amity international school, Arwachin international school, Birla Vidya niketan and Bluebells school international, Interacting with 30 students from Japan in two different sessions . The sessions were named Sakura and Lotus .

A wonderful learning experience for our students. They presented and interacted in Japanese very confidently and made us proud . The Japanese students presented in English and their presentations were extremely informative and full of new interesting facts . Looking forward to many more such exchanges and more schools participating .

Thank you



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