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Japanese Mini Camp 2023

JALSTA was extremely delighted to continue its tradition of hosting events to promote international friendship and build cultural bridges by hosting the JALSTA Japanese Language Mini Camp once again at a JALSTA member school.

Japanese Mini Camp 2023 by JALSTA
Japanese Mini Camp 2023

This was a very special occasion for all of us. With the support and collaboration of Amity International School, JFND, JOCV’s, JAL and The Japanese Tea Ceremony Club Association, the Japanese language learners and teachers of 12 Delhi NCR schools, got the chance to experience Japan, learn more about its culture and enjoyed an immersive experience of Japanese language.

Event was held at Amity International School - Vasundhara 6, Ghaziabad on

Beyond the textbooks and classroom settings, this camp was about forging friendships, creating memories, and embracing the uniqueness that each JALSTA member and school brought to this vibrant event.

JALSTA was proud to welcome honored guests Professor Ashok Chawla, advisor Japan MEA, Mr. Toyomaru - Director JFND, Ms. Suzuki language advisor JFND.

The poster presentations showcased the events and activities of the day culminating in bon odori.

Prizes :

1st prize DPS Greater Noida 

2nd prize Arwachin International School 

3rd prize Bluebells School International 



Karuta, a popular Japanese traditional card game, was played under the guidance of Sawaki sensei. 

Students were divided into groups . There were two decks of cards, yomifuda(grabbing cards) and torifuda(reading cards) . Sawaki sensei read a hiragana character and the students were asked to grab the card from the table. 

It was a fun game for the learners to learn and recognize hiragana characters while learning various vocabularies.



Students from the different schools experienced the elegance of Japanese culture through Yukata wearing workshop.  Students were taught how to dress themselves in yukata-  traditional Japanese summer wear. The aim of the event was to enjoy the Japanese  culture and learn the different steps of wearing yukata.



Suikawari is a popular summertime activity in Japan where someone (usually) blindfolded bashes open a watermelon with a stick.

Many students also experienced Suikawari game with Rei OKAMOTO Sensei.

They enjoyed a lot, and also they learned directions  in Japanese like Front (まえ) back( うしろ) right( みぎ) left( ひだり) etc.



Tea Ceremony (茶道) is a Japanese traditional etiquette of preparing and drinking tea. On 16 December, Japanese language students from 12 schools of Delhi, NCR experienced this activity during a day long Mini Camp organised by JALSTA, hosted by Amity International School, Vasundhara. 

The Tea Ceremony was conducted by The Tea Ceremony Club of Delhi. The ceremony started with the Tea master cleansing the utensils and  preparing tea. At the same time, sweet snacks (お菓子) were distributed to lessen the bitter taste of the matcha tea. Later, the tea was served in a beautiful tea bowl (茶陶). The ceremony concluded with a photo session and smiling faces of the children.



24 students were divided into 6 groups.

A video on Sumo wrestling, it's meaning and significance was shown to the children.

Followed by making a Sumo wrestler with origami.

Sumo ring boxes were then provided to each group and 2 players took turns to play Sumo wrestling by tapping on the box and the participant whose Sumo wrestler didn't fall was declared the winner

The students thoroughly enjoyed the game.

It was a very informative workshop along with a wonderful hands-on experience for the students.



The judo workshop was conducted by JFND and the students thoroughly enjoyed the various steps and positions of judo taught systematically by sensei.  



The Kendama activity was undertaken by students of various schools under the supervision of Mr. Ohono, a JOCV who was also assisted by Japanese teachers Ms. Abha Pandey, DPS Greater Noida and Ms. Priyanka Kumari, Wisdom World School- Kurukshetra. In this activity, two disposable cups were joined through their bases and a paper ball was connected at the center of the joined cups through a ribbon. The students were required to lift up the paper ball in the air and move the cups in such a way so that the paper ball gets adjusted on the open mouth of one of the cups. Students participated in the activity enthusiastically.

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