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Online Workshop on "Using Online Tools to make teaching more interesting - Word Wall, Edu Puzzle"

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

In continuation with the series of JALSTA workshop being conducted in the months of May, June ,July another enthusiastic workshop was conducted on 29/08/2020 with the support of Japan Foundation. The response by our Japanese language school teachers, to learn new applications and deliver their best to their Japanese language learners, was overwhelming. They are always motivated to learn from these beneficial workshops.

Just like the previous workshops this workshop was also a great learning experience. The workshsop focussed on various assessment techniques , ideas, tools etc .

Ms.Yuuki hamochi (JICA Volunteer) began the session with a new teaching application called “Word Wall” .The application enables one to create interactive activities and content for the online classrooms .It supports a range of teaching strategies. It was very well taught by Ms. Yuuki.All the participants created teaching material which was shared in a google Spreadsheet. A pool of teaching resources was thus created for the teachers to use according to the class , topic etc .

Another expedient application “Edpuzzle” was introduced by Ms. Jaspreet Ahuja. A platform where one can make any video of the required lessons. One can create a Questionnaire for a variety of videos. This app is useful for listening and speaking assessments too .

Ms. Bhavya Jain also presented a game made by her on another useful application “Quizizz”.She recorded her own voice in the game which was very innovative and everyone enjoyed playing the game.

The various art integrated projects made by the students were also discussed in the session and the brisfing was given by Ms Sushmita .

Sharing of ideas, undoubtedly is beneficial to all the teachers.

Finally, the methodology for making and accessing online subjective papers, objective papers, Papers with one’s own voice integrated in it were shared and discussed. A new platform “Digitalfruit” for assessing students was also discussed and shared by Ms. Shrishti Sachar.

We hope to have such wonderful workshops in future too with the support of Japan Foundation.

Report by

Ms.Ruchi Jain

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