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JALSTA Workshop for Japanese Language Teachers

In collaboration with JFND


DATE: 30.7.2022. DAY: SATURDAY

TIMING: 10: 30 A.M. – 2: 30 P.M.

RESOURCE PERSON: MS. Chiaki Suzuki (Language Advisor, JF)

Mr. Jitender Mehta ( VP JALSTA )

Ms. Jaspreet Ahuja ( President, JALSTA)



After 2 years of online workshops and sessions , JALSTA returns with the 1st offline workshop for its member teachers to renew and refresh , Japanese Language teaching, learning methodologies and classroom techniques and motivate the students in the Realtime classrooms .


  • Feedback and Announcement of 2 nd Japanese Olympiad to be held in January 2023.

  1. It will be conducted for classes 4 th – 6 th. in the English Language.

  2. It is open to Japanese & Non-Japanese Learners too.

  3. The objective and goals for this Olympiad is to challenge the students and let them learn while having fun. To motivate the students to choose Japanese Language and to continue with the same language in higher classes .

  • All the Japanese teachers from each school where Japanese is taught as a 3rd Language will prepare questions based on the given topics:

  1. Music, Anime (Manga), Language.-AUGUST

  2. Indo – Japan Relationship.-SEPT

  3. Sports, Technology.-OCT

  4. Food, Festivals.-NOV

  5. Picture Identification based Famous Monuments, Architect, building (old, new)-BY 15 TH DEC

 Each teacher – 40 Q per topic

 Option – 1 word

 Q Font 12- bold times

 Option font 12

 In the next session, Suzuki Sensei, Language Advisor introduced many events which

will be conducted in future at Japan Foundation.

1. Swagatam Program

2. Manga Exhibition

3. Library visit

4. Japanese Camp (1 day Trip)

Lastly, the session was about TTC- B course (12 hours) Teacher Training Program in the

online mode under the aegis of Govt. of India & Japan, Embassy of Japan. It was

proposed to be conducted for JALSTA teachers in the end of November. The main

objective would be Evaluation the papers, Paragraph examples, Paper – setting etc.

Announcement of online exchanges and The oncoming JALSTA culture workshop to be

conducted in 5 JALSTA schools – By Ms. Jaspreet.

E- Certificate will be given to the participants who have attended the workshop.


Ms Rashmi

Ms Jaspreet

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