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Online Workshop for Japanese Language Teachers - 14 Jan 2023

JALSTA (Japanese Language School Teachers Association) organized an online workshop with the support of Japan Foundation on 14th January 2023 for its teachers to recharge, refresh and renew the Japanese language teaching, learning methodologies, and classroom techniques.

The first part of the workshop was conducted by Mr. Togami Jun, the new JOCV at Bluebells. He conducted a session on : How to make comprehension – unseen passages in Japanese – for grades 8-12. He stressed on the fact that we should use our everyday experiences and occurrences to write the comprehension to make it more relatable for the students. This also helps us to make a bank of reading comprehension and unseen passages on our own.

Suzuki sensei discussed the TTC-B Course – Teacher training course – under the aegis of Govt of India and Govt of Japan and also the feedback on the Olympiad 2022, incorporating the feedback and suggestions given by the teachers.

The Olympiad 2023 was discussed and the questions and topics along with the papermaking and practice for the students were discussed in detail.

Lastly the board exams and the patterns of papers, checking, etc was discussed amongst the teachers along with crucial points relevant to the exams.

The next part of the workshop will be held in April. Mr. Togami will complete the session on comprehension - How to make questions.

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