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Teachers Meet - Sayoonara Imoto Sensei Yuki Sensei | YOOKOSO Sato San and Suzuki Sensei

JALSTA members gathered on 29 May 2021 on online platform ZOOM to say ‘Sayounara’ to Imoto Sensei, who trained, guided, instructed us, in the last 3 years. In this unique era of transition from conventional face to face classes to totally online classes, Imoto sensei was kind and helpful in training us to conduct classes effectively by using different methods and applications. From our heart, we thank her and look forward to her guidance in future too. We wish her good luck in her future endeavors. On behalf of JALSTA, Vandana Jain Sensei, Arwachin School and Rohini Dhaiya sensei, DPS Panipat, shared their views and gave ‘thank you speech’ for Imoto Sensei.

Suzuki sensei, who has experience of teaching Japanese at BHU and then Japan Foundation, Laos, has an Advance Diploma in Hindi. Her hobby is watching Bollywood movies. After 16 years she has come back to India. We welcome her and look forward to her workshops and lectures. On behalf of JALSTA, Vandana sensei gave ‘Welcome’ speech.

India is 2nd home for Sato sensei, as told by him in his welcome address in JALSTA meeting. Sato sensei has spent 4 years in India 18 years ago and he is very proficient in Hindi. JALSTA members welcome and look forward to Sato sensei’s guidance and advice in Japanese Language Education in schools and colleges. Sato sensei talked about possibilities of motivating more and more school students to learn Japanese language. On behalf of JALSTA Ruchi Jain sensei DPS, Mathura Road and Vandana Sensei, Arwachin International School, welcomed Sato sensei.

JALSTA members also expressed gratitude towards Ms.Yuki Hamochi sensei, who was a JOCV at Blue bells school. Jaspreet Sensei, President, JALSTA India thanked Yuki sensei for her guidance in creating Quizlets and teaching new applications for Japanese Language Learning.

In this meeting, Ms Jaspreet sensei, President JALSTA proposed the tentative schedule for workshops for 2021-22. This year’s plans are as follows:

1. Workshop regarding Google document by Mr. Jitender sensei.

2. Workshop regarding How to prepare students for ‘Happyou’ for 10th and 12th classes by Japan Foundation.

3. Japanese Language Olympiad (100 marks) proposal, method, preparation, implementation etc. It was decided that all Japanese Language Faculties will be contributing questions to make Question Bank.

4. Nihon/India’s Mukashi-banashi competition. Deciding goals, rules & regulations, Implementation, guidelines, criteria of judgement, judges etc. for the same by Parmeet sensei and Jaspreet sensei.

5. Workshops by Japan Foundation.

6. Online Interaction exchange program with JALSTA & Samurai.

All other members of JALSTA gave their opinion on the above topics. For example Babita san proposed to introduce popular songs to students to teach them new vocabulary. Teachers shared their experience, difficulties with each other about teaching katakana, hiragana etc.

Following links were shared by faculty members to teach Japanese in different ways.

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