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Workshop Report: Japanese Language School Teachers Association (JALSTA)

Date: April 24, 2024

Location: Blue Bells International – Kailash, Delhi



The Japanese Language School Teachers Association (JALSTA) successfully organized an enriching workshop for Japanese language educators on April 24, 2024. The event was graced by the presence of approximately 20 teachers from various Indian schools, dedicated to the advancement of Japanese language education.


Opening Session:

Ms. Jaspreet Ahuja, President of JALSTA, inaugurated the session with a warm welcome note. She highlighted the generous grant received from the Japan Foundation, New Delhi, which included Japanese toys (Kendama) and traditional attire (Happi), enhancing the cultural resources for teaching.


First Session: "Sushi Making" by Mr. Jun Togami:

Mr. Jun Togami, a JICA Volunteer, led an engaging session on sushi making. He delved into the history and process of creating sushi, enriching the teachers' knowledge with specific Japanese vocabulary related to sushi ingredients and tools. The session concluded with a hands-on sushi-making activity, much to the delight of all participants.


Tea Break and Textbook Donation:

Following a brief intermission, Kyosan India's representatives made a significant contribution by donating Japanese language textbooks to ten JALSTA member schools as part of their CSR initiative.

Grant given to:

  1. Blue Bells School International - New Delhi

  2. Wisdom World School - Kurukshetra

  3. Delhi Public School Dwarka

  4. Delhi Public School Greater Noida

  5. St. Mary's School - New Delhi

  6. Delhi Public School Panipat City

  7. Amity International School - Vasundhara 6

  8. Delhi Public School Mathura Road


Second Session: "New Education Policy (NEP)" by Prof. Ashok Chawla:

Prof. Ashok Chawla from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) addressed the NEP's impact on language education. He provided insights into the effective utilization of 'Minna No Nihongo' textbooks within the classroom setting.


Guest Participation:

The workshop was honored with the attendance of Japan Foundation representatives, Suzuki Sensei and Ms. Sonu. Ms. Sonu elaborated on the various grant programs available through the Japan Foundation, offering further support to the educators.



The workshop concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks by Ms. Rashmi Shankar, Secretary of JALSTA. Special gratitude was expressed to Blue Bells International for hosting the event and to Kyosan India Pvt. Ltd. for their generous support.



The workshop served as a testament to JALSTA's commitment to fostering Japanese language education in India. The collaborative efforts of all parties involved ensured a successful and memorable event, paving the way for future initiatives.


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